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Shipping Policy

- Air struts are usually processed once funds and payment is available to us. Once processed they take around 3-5 weeks to arrive to customers depending on the brand/company. Any management components/kits usually take around 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on availability and shipping companies.

- Everything is carefully packaged by the supplier and sent to the customer intact from its according warehouse. Any shipping details such as tracking/updates will be provided to each customer per their order.

- Any damage should be documented and recorded in original packaging. Any error/damage outside of original packaging is considered customer responsibility and/or error. Contact the manufacturer directly otherwise.

-ALL orders are final and may not be guaranteed a refund/cancellation. After a customer receives their order, they will have 2 weeks to make sure everything is correct and intact. After that, Maxima1Stop is no longer responsible and releases their liability on any contents in those packages. Contact the manufacturer otherwise.

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